Votre CRM est une mine d’or.

L’email et SMS marketing sont des canaux puissants, qui méritent d’être utilisés sérieusement.

Séquences automatiques, newsletters, segmentation, qualité du domaine… nous nous chargeons de tout.

Our performance, in figures

Of turnover generated for our customers since 2020.

Increase of the average turnover of our customers

The average ROAS generated through our services.

Our offer


Not entrusting your email & SMS marketing to Ragnar Email is :

  • You are missing out on one of your key acquisition channels and many customers.
  • Refuse a 30% increase in your turnover. 
  • Deny an average ROAS of x9. 
  • Wasting time recruiting freelancers, changing, doing it yourself, being disappointed.
  • Miss the opportunity to take your brand to the next level. 

Your Captain

I am the CEO of Ragnar-Email !
My expertise in Email & SMS marketing for e-merchants has enabled us to generate more than €12,000,000 in sales for over 200 customers since 2020. 
A demanding captain, I like meticulousness, high results and the pleasure to exchange with you !
Florian Beaumont
CEO Ragnar-Email


As the Vikings sailed the seas in search of treasures and trading ports, Ragnar Email aims to enrich the sellers of the 21st century.

We believe in an e-commerce that is in step with the times: conversational, automated, and using notifications with intelligence.

This is why RAGNAR has braved the seas of the 4 corners of the world to find the best email & SMS marketing techniques.

Abandoned cart, pop-ups ... We will connect our tools to your product, in order to maximize your chances of turning your website visitors into customers.

But that's not all ! In support of technology, we have created a battery of templates & message sequences designed to remove the psychological barriers of your prospects.


Concrete results !

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Email & SMS Marketing are mandatory for an e-commerce website.

Thanks to them, you :

  • Generate much more turnover.
  • Build customer loyalty, so that they buy regularly from you.
  • You generate much more profit than with classic levers (Facebook ADS, Instagram investments).

With a good Email & SMS strategy, your e-commerce website sales will increase by 25% to 40%.

Which is absolutely huge !

Yes, 100%! Whether you make 10 000€/month or 1 000 000€/month, Email & SMS Marketing will bring you many sales and credibility in the eyes of your customers.


You only pay after the 2nd month.

You only pay according to the results obtained. So, with average ROAS of 25, you're a winner every time!

With Ragnar Email, you are accompanied by the N°1 French-speaking experts.

We have :

  • Generated more than €10,000,000 in turnover for our clients in less than a year (+6M in 2020)
  • Accompanied more than 100 e-commerce sites, ranging from 10,000€/month to more than 10,000,000€/year.
  • Worked on all the niches (beauty, decoration, health, high-tech, etc...) and several markets (French, English and Spanish).

We therefore know how to satisfy you, by managing your Email & SMS strategy to generate the maximum possible turnover.

We will be very happy to start this adventure with you, right now !